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Soon to come - images of I Love You Show 3 on March 28th, I Love You Show 4 on April 25th.

I Love You Show 2 at The Creek And The Cave

The show goes on...

Previously drew the I Love You Show in January.
Will soon be matching up the names, or Pat and the comedians can contact me to let me know who's who!
Event date: February 2013

Pat Reilly's I Love You Show at The Creek And The Cave

On the left, the musician tuning his guitar. On the right, our host Patrick J. Reilly.

Dan St. Germain and Nhan Du

Kevin Johnston

Josh Alba and Morgan Miller

Kevin Johnston and Eli Yudin

Patrick J. Reilly hosted the I Love You Show at The Creek and the Cave, with a selection of stand-up comedians and musician Kevin Johnston of The Bright Silence - later drawn performing here and here. The next I Love You Show is coming up on Thursday, February 28th at 10pm, where I plan to draw again!
Event date: January 24, 2013